Dr Adelle Sefton-Rowston

Dr Adelle Sefton-Rowston

Meet Adelle

Dr Adelle Sefton-Rowston has lectured in the School of Academic Language and Learning for eight years and teaches Academic Literacies (CUC100) and Cultural Intelligence and Capabilities (CUC107).

She is currently the external coordinator for CUC100 Academic Literacies Through Exploring Sustainability and a member of the unit development team, helping to develop highly engaging and interactive on-line materials to cater for a broad range of students on-campus and online.

Adelle is also the CUC100 liaison for Batchelor Institute and Essington Senior College staff and students.


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2013 | Doctor of Philosophy (Literary Studies)
Deakin University, Burwood Campus

2005 | Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)
Australian Catholic University, St Patrick's Campus

2004 | Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
La Trobe University, Victoria
First Class Honours in English

Areas of teaching

Adelle has been a lecturer for the Common Units since 2008, teaching in the areas of Academic Literacies (CUC100) and Cultural Intelligence and Capabilities (CUC107).

She has lectured casually in the area of Literary Studies from 2014-2016 in Literature of the North: Australia and South East Asia (LIT201).

Adelle has worked in secondary schools in Melbourne and across the Territory teaching English, Humanities and ESL.


2013 | Adelle completed her PhD in Literary studies and continues to be an active member of the academy, publishing in the areas of post-colonial theory, whiteness studies and Australian literature.

2014 | Teach for Australia Research Project (Documenting Teaching Excellence.

2016 | Registered supervisor at Charles Darwin University


2016 | Selected Poetry and Shirt Stories in 'Snap! POW!'

2014 | Selected Poetry and Short Stories in 'A Story Changes Each Time It Is Told"

Journal Publications

2017 | 'Soveriegnty as a State of Craziness: empowering female Indigenous psychologies in Australian reconciliatory literature' in Hypatia A Journal of Feminist Philosophy (forthcoming June 2017)

2017 | 'You'll be great, but only if you work your arse off. An Interview with Tony Birch. Overland Online publication 28 March 2017 https://overland.org.au/2017/03/youll-be-great-but-only-if-you-work-your-arse-off-an-interview-with-tony-birch/

2016 | 'Scenes from the Top End: an interview with Mary Anne Butler' in Sydney Review of Books 2 September 2016 http://sydneyreviewofbooks.com/mary-anne-butler-interview-broken/

2016 | 'Healing, Catharsis and Reconciliation: Water as Metaphor in Ghost River' in Le Simplegadi Journal of Modern Languages and Literatures Issue 16, November 2016 http://all.uniud.it/simplegadi

2016 | 'Hope at the end of the world: creation stories and apocalypse in Alexis Wright's Carpentaria and The Swan Book' in Antipodes Journal of Australian and New Zealand Literature Vol. 30, Issue 2 December 2016